The Kids' Cancer Project Partnership

July 8 2021

We are very excited to announce that AttCall Civil Contractors are now in charity partnership with The Kids' Cancer Project!

AttCall’s first move in supporting the national charity has been to wrap one of our trucks, affectionately known as “Justy'. AttCall will be donating 10 cents for every kilometre Justy travels.

“Justin was an employee of the Attcall team for approximately 11 years,” explains Clinton McKinnon, Owner and Managing Director of Attcall. “At 35 he was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer, he passed the same year.'

'He has a young son who was only 11 years old at the time and witnessing the effect of losing the most prominent person in his life was quite devastating to me personally. Therefore I decided to dedicate one of our trucks to Justin so that I would always be reminded of the type of person Justin was and the way cancer effects all of us in different ways.”

We chose to support The Kids' Cancer Project as we believe that the future is in the hands of our children, so to lose a child at the start of their life is not only devastating to family and friends, but the loss of a child today may also mean the loss of great change for the world in the future.

Charity Partnership with The Kids' Cancer Project

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